Holcomb's Aerodrome - Updates

11-22-2006: Updated NYP and JN-4 pages.

12-19-2005: Updated Travel Air 6000 page.

7-13-2005: Added Lockheed Catalog to Vega Page. Added Stinson A photos to Stinson Trimotors page.

4-27-2005: Added Fokker Trimotor Page. Updated Ford Trimotor page.

4-26-2005: Added the Keith Rider R-3/Marcoux-Bromberg Special Page. Added misc golden age airship and autogyro photos pages.

4-25-2005: Added the Gee Bee Sportster Page. Updated the Laird Solution, Gee Bee R, Heath Parasol and Heath-Henderson B-4 pages.

4-23-2005: Updated the Gee Bee Model Z, Gee Bee Model R and Wedell-Williams 44 pages. Repaired a photo link on the Curtiss R3C page.

3-28-2005: Updated the S-38, S-39 and Misc Civil Aviation photos pages.

2-23-2005: Updated the links page.

12-18-2004: Updated the Packard-LePere LUSAC-11, DeHavilland DH-4, Curtiss JN-4 and Nieuport 28 pages.

10-27-2004: Updated the Curtiss JN-4 page.

9-9-2004: Updated the Gallaudet D-4 and Curtiss HS-2L pages.

9-3-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-39 page. Added more photos of the Johnson's 1935/36 Borneo Adventure.

8-31-2004: Updated the Stearman Model 4 page.

8-30-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-39 page.

8-29-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-39 page.

8-26-2004: Updated the Links page.

8-19-2004: Updated the Aeronca C-3 in Borneo page.

8-18-2004: Updated the Curtiss Robin and Travel Air 6000 pages.

8-16-2004: Added the Aeronca C-3 pages.

8-5-2004: Updated the Bleriot XI page.

7-30-2004: Updated the Bleriot XI page.

7-26-2004: Updated the Gee Bee R Page (added NEAM Gee Bee R-1 Replica page.) Updated Boeing P-26 page.

7-19-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-40 Page.

7-11-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-40 Page. Added S-40 Flight Test Page.

7-8-2004: Updated the Heath Parasol Page. Added Heath B-4 Engine Page.

7-4-2004: Updated the Laird Solution Page.

6-27-2004: Added the Sikorsky S-42 Page.

6-25-2004: Added the Sikorsky S-40 Page.

6-24-2004: Updated the Aeronca L Page.

6-8-2004: Updated the NYP Page. Updated the Travel Air 2000, 3000 and 4000 page.

6-1-2004: Updated the Travel Air 2000, 3000 and 4000 page.

5-17-2004: Updated the Stinson SM-2AA page.

5-13-2004: Updated the Chief Oshkosh page.

5-5-2004: Updated the Laird Super Solution page.

4-28-2004: Updated the Stearman 4d page.

4-21-2004: Updated the Heath Parasol page.

4-20-2004: Updated the Stinson 105 and Arrow Sport pages.

4-7-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-38 Page.

4-1-2004: Added the Wedell Williams 44 Page.

3-31-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-38 Page.

3-11-2004: Updated the Sikorsky S-38 Page, added Royale Line photos.

3-8-2004: Updated Ford Tri-motor Page. Updated Links page.

2-7-2004: Updated Aeronca L Page.

1-31-2004: Updated Gee Bee Model R Page.

1-18-2004: Updated Gallaudet D-4 Page.

1-13-2004: Added Travel Air 2000, 3000 and 4000 Page.

1-11-2004: Updated Heath Parasol Page.

1-5-2004: Added Travel Air 6000 Page.

12-23-2003: Added Stinson Trimotor Page.

12-22-2003: Added Ford Tri-Motor Page.

12-21-2003: Updated Gee Bee Z & R Pages.

12-16-2003: Added Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket Page.

12-15-2003: Updated Gee Bee R Page.

12-14-2003: Added Fokker Super Universal page. Updated Gee Bee Z Page.

12-13-2003: Added Ryan M-1 page.

12-4-2003: Updated Lockheed Vega page.

11-24-2003: Updated Waco ASO and Douglas DC-3 pages.

10-30-2003: Updated the Links page.

10-29-2003: Updated the Stearman Model 4 and Links pages.

10-28-2003: Updated the New Standard D-25 page.

10-26-2003: Updated the S-39 page.

10-24-2003: Added Stinson 10 and Stinson SM-8 pages. Updated Links page.

10-23-2003: Updated the JN-4 page.

10-21-2003: Updated the NYP and Links pages.

10-20-2003: Updated the links page.

9-14-2003: Added Boeing P-26 page. Updated Curtiss Robin and Sikorsky S-38 pages.

9-13-2003: Updated Lockheed Vega page.

9-6-2003: Updated Links page.

9-4-2003: Updated Sikorsky S-38 page.

9-1-2003: Updated Sikorsky S-38 and Links pages.

8-28-2003: Updated Links page.

8-18-2003: Updated Sikorsky S-39 and Pietenpol Air Camper pages. Updated Links page.

8-7-2003: Updated Sikorsky S-38 and S-39 pages (added new old photos).

7-31-2003: Updated Gallaudet D-4 page.

7-29-2003:Moved the site. New domain is airminded.net.

7-8-2003: Updated the index page (new format).

7-4-2003: Updated Sikorsky, Curtiss Robin, Waco 10 and New Standard pages.

7-1-2003: Updated Pitcairn Mailwing page.

6-26-2003: Updated Stearman 4-D page.

6-24-2003: Updated Hughes Racer, Aeronca L, and Sikorsky S-39 pages.

6-23-2003: Updated Sikorsky S-39 page.

6-22-2003: Updated Links page.

6-20-2003: Updated Davis D-1 page.

6-19-2003: Updated Taylor E-2 and Arrow Sport pages.

6-18-2003: Updated Aeronca Model L page. Domain is now Airminded.net.

6-7-2003: Added Stinson SM-2AA "Detroiter Junior" page.

5-18-2003: Updated Benoist 14, Monocoupe 113 and Monocoupe 90 pages.

5-17-2003: Updated Benoist 14 page, corrected several errors pointed out by Betsy Pheil.

5-11-2003: Added the Arrow Sport page.

4-15-2003: Added Waco Model 10 page Updated Waco ZPF-6 page.

4-14-2003: Updated index, links page and faq.

4-13-2003: Updated Curtiss JN-4 page. Added JN-4 Paper Model.

4-12-2003: Updated Monocoupe 90 and Bleriot XI pages.

3-28-2003: Updated the links page (new links.)

3-25-2003: Updated Heath Parasol page/added spread sheet of known Heath Airplanes.

3-15-2003: Updated Pietenpol Air Camper page/edited spread sheet of known Pietenpol Airplanes.

3-8-2003: Updated Pietenpol Air Camper page - Added spread sheet of known Pietenpol Airplanes.

2-20-2003: Updated HS-2L and Links pages

2-18-2003:Added Heath Parasol page

2-7-2003: Updated JN-4 and Links pages

2-1-2003: Added Gee Bee Model Z and R pages. Updated Assorted Vintage Raceplanes page (material moved to model Z and R pages.)

1-27-2003: Added Packard-Lepere LUSAC-11 page.

1-27-2003: Updated Pietenpol Air Camper page.

1-22-2003: Added de Havilland DH-4 page. Updated the Liberty engine page, JN-4 page and the links page.

1-19-2003: Added Curtiss-Wright CW-1 page.

1-6-2003: Updated Sikorsky S-38 and S-39 pages.

1-5-2003: Updated Links, Pitcairn and Pietenpol pages.

12-31-2002: Updated Taylor E-2 pages.

12-21-2002: Updated Links, Staggerwing, Monocoupe 90 and Monocoupe 113 pages.

12-14-2002: Updated Curtiss JN-4 and Wittman "Chief Oshkosh" pages.

11-27-2002: Updated Sikorsky S-38 and S-39 pages.

11-26-2002: Updated Beechcraft Staggerwing and Hughes H1 pages.

11-24-2002: Updated Monocoupe 113, Sikorsky S-38 and "Assorted Vintage Civil Aviation" pages.

11-23-2002: Updated Monocoupe 113, Sikorsky S-38 and "Assorted Vintage Civil Aviation" pages.

11-20-2002: Updated Monocoupe 90 page.

11-17-2002: Updated Lockheed Vega page.

11-16-2002: Updated Taylor E2, N.11, N.83 and Caudron G.3 pages. Updated links page.

11-7-2002: Updated Monocoupe 113 page.

11-5-2002: Updated S-38, S-39 and Monocoupe 90 pages.

11-4-2002: Laird Solution and Super Solution split into seperate pages. Updated Laird Super Solution and Curtiss Headless pages.

11-2-2002: Added Sikorsky S-39 and S-38 Pages. Updated Bleriot XI Page. Updated Perform.XLS

10-30-2002: Added Curtiss Headless Page. Updated Misc Vintage Pioneer Aircraft photos to remove content that was transfered to the Curtiss Headless page. Updated links page.

10-29-2002: Added FAQ.

10-27-2002: Updated Bleriot XI and Boeing F4b/P-12 pages.

10-26-2002: Updated Northrop Alpha page.

10-24-2002: Updated Northrop Alpha and Sopwith Camel pages.

10-22-2002: Updated Northrop Gamma page.

10-21-2002: Updated Nieuport 28 and Ryan ST pages.

10-20-2002: Updated Curtiss HS-2L, Pitcairn Mailwing and Curtiss F11C Goshawk pages.

10-19-2002: Updated Pietenpol Air Camper page.

10-18-2002: Updated Curtiss JN-4 and Gallaudet D-4 pages.

10-15-2002: Updated Curtiss R3C and Hughes H1 pages.

10-14-2002: Added Recommended Books/Bookshop page

10-13-2002: Updated Ryan NYP "Spirit of St.Louis" Page.

10-9-2002: Updated comparative performance spreadsheet (perform) from 123 format to XL format.

10-7-2002: Added the Pitcairn Mailwing page.

10-5-2002: Added the Beech Staggerwing, Lockheed Vega, New Standard D-25 and Monocoupe 90 pages. Updated Vintage Civil Aviation Pictures.

10-4-2002: Added the Monocoupe 113 and Davis D-1 Pages. Updated Vintage Civil Aviation Pictures and the acknowledgements pages.

10-3-2002: Added the Pietenpol Air Camper Page. Updated the Curtiss Robin (added J-1 Robin "Ole Miss" Page), Boeing 247 and Albatros D.V Pages.

10-2-2002: Updated the Standard J-1, Ryan ST, Fokker T-2, Albree-Pigeon Fraser, Gallaudet D-4 and Curtiss HS-2L Pages.

9-18-2002: Updated links page.

9-15-2002: Updated Curtiss R3C and Misc Vintage Civil Aviation Pages.

9-7-2002: Updated Standard Model J, B247 and Ryan ST Pages.

8-27-2002: Updated Stearman 4D, Curtiss F11C and Curtiss JN4 pages.

8-26-2002: Updated links page.

8-21-2002: Updated links page.

8-13-2002: Updated Benoist 14 and Mabel Cody Flying Circus pages.

8-2-2002: Updated Bleriot XI page.

7-28-2002: Updated Mabel Cody Flying Circus page (found under JN4 page). Mystery airplanes (LVG C.VI and Rumpler C.IV) identified by Bill Devins (thanks also to Aerofiles placing my photos on their unknowns list). I would love to hear more details if anyone knows how the german crates came to be in Coral Gables.

7-25-2002: Updated misc civil vintage photos page. Martin GMP identified by K O at Aerofiles.

7-14-2002: Updated Links Page (new links).

7-12-2002:Added Benoist Model 14 Page.

7-11-2002: Updated Jenny Page. Additional Jenny pages added. Added Standard Model J Page.

7-10-2002: Updated Ryan NYP page. Updated DC-3 page and seperated DC-2 and N66HL content into seperate pages for faster loading. Updated N28 page and added seperate page for N28's at Carlstrom. Updated DGA-3 page and seperated DGA-4/DGA-5 into a seperate page.

7-8-2002: Updated Ryan NYP and misc vintage military photos pages. Updated Links page (new links added)

7-5-2002: Updated Gallaudet D4, Curtiss F11C and Curtiss HS2L pages. Updated Links page (new links added)

7-3-2002: Updated JN4, N.81, Albatros D.V, Pigeon-Fraser, Fokker E.V, N.11, N.28 and Fokker T.2 Pages

6-30-2002: No more advertisements/angelfire popups.
Revised Misc Vintage Civil, Military and Racers Photos pages

6-18-2002: Updated links page - added new links.
Revised Misc Vintage Civil Photos page

6-10-2002: Updated Taylor E2 page - added 3 view of E2 drawn by CGT.

6-9-2002: Updated Curtiss HS-2L page

6-7-2002: Updated comparative performance chart. Still a long way to go.

6-3-2002: Updated Links page.

5-30-2002: Updated Links page.

5-25-2002: Updated Links page.

5-21-2002: Updated Misc Vintage Military Photos page (added BF-2C photos).
Added Curtiss F11C page
Updated links page

5-10-2002: Added "Testing Race Planes" by Jimmy Doolittle to the Laird Super Solution Page.

4-28-2002: Updated Links page.
Updated Ryan ST page.
Updated JN4 page.
Updated Laird Solution/Super Solution Page.

4-21-2002: Updated Links page, added several links

4-17-2002: Updated Links page
Added JN-4D Specifications and Operating Instructions Page

4-5-2002: Updated Curtiss JN4 page

4-1-2002: Updated Links Page

3-31-2002: Updated misc vintage photos pages for pioneer aviation and golden age civil aviation.

3-29-2002: Added Curtiss HS-2L page

3-26-2002: Added Gallaudet D-4 page

3-23-2002: Updated Curtiss Jenny pages, added new photos

3-19-2002: Added Assorted Pioneer Aviation Page - I am trying to not add more depth to the existing pages rather than more subjects, but these pictures were too good to not include.

3-15-2002: Updated Ryan ST pages
Updated WACO ZPF Page

3-12-2002: Updated Curtiss Robin page and added several photos
Updated Taylor E2 Cub Page

3-11-2002: Updated b247 page and added several photos
Updated Bleriot XI Page and added a photo

3-10-2002: Corrected several dead links
Updated Fiddlers Green links
Updated Aeronca Model L Page and added several photos

3-5-2002: Updated DGA-3,4,5 page and added a photo
Updated assorted raceplane photographs and added numerous photos

2-27-2002: Updated several links

2-25-2002: Updated format of index page

2-24-2002: Added this news page

2-23-2002: Added lubrication (zerk fitting) drawing to DC-3 page
Added layout drawings for Hughes/Palmer Racer to Hughes Racer Page
Moved webrings to a seperate page to speed download of main page

2-22-2002: Updated Links Page