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General Interest

AvWeb Ezine
AviationNow.com (Avweek)

Landings.com Aviation Search Engine
US Aviation
Steve's Airshow World
Stalag 13 Aviation Links Page
Best Aviation - Aviation Education Online

NTSB Accident Synopsis
Great Aviation Quotes
Plane Writing - Quotes from Vintage Writing About Flying

Oregon Pilots Assoc Aviation Humor Page Safe Skies Aviation Humor Page Wings over Canada Humor Page

Icarus Books (Online Book Shop)
Aeroplane Books (Online Book Shop)
Articles of War (Online Book Shop)
Aviation Antiques
Aviation Posters

Brazilian Air Force Paper Models (Model Airplanes made from Paper)
Fiddlers Green (Model Airplanes made from Paper)
Digital Card Models (Model Airplanes made from Paper)
Paper Warbirds
Cardmodelers Online (ezine)

Aircraft Scale Modeling (Plastic Models)
AMA (Flying Model Airplane Organization)
RC Airplane Page
Ivy and Martin's Webpage (Data site for Aeromodelers)

Bill Barnes (Air Adventurer)

HTML color selector page
Bare Bones guide to HTML
Copyright Information Page


NACA technical report server
Sci and Tech Info Net (MS & AN specs)
NASA technical reports server
FAR Online Library
Make and Model TC Library

Quest for Performance (Online book)
UIUC Airfoil data site
Navy Flight Test Page
History of the GALCIT 10' Tunnel
Wood as an Engineering Material (Forest Products Lab Wood Handbook -Online Book
Matweb - Material Property Data
Chris Heintz Design College

Nurflugel (flying wing)
TWITT homepage
The Hoerner Books

Aircraft Engines

Aircraft Engine Historical Society
Av engines info page (excellent)
Warner Engine Handbook
The Horizonatally Opposed Piston Aero Engines Page
Lycoming Publications on the Web
Eric's Hombuilt Aircraft Engine Directory
Walter LOM engine Distributor
HCI Aviation
Rotec Engineering (Radial Engine)
Radial Engines LTD
Great Plains Aircraft Supply (VW Engines)
Ageless Engines (Working Models)

Homebuilt Aircraft Links

The Homebuilt Homepage
Database of Homebuilt Aircraft
Ron's Sea and Sky Page
30,000 ft Homebuilt Directory

Vintage Ultralight and Lightplane Association
Arnold Company (AR-5)
The Unofficial Fly Baby Page
Corben Webpage
KC Dawn Patrol (Nieuport Replicas)
The Boredom Fighter
The Unofficial Wittman Tailwind Page
Zenith Aircraft

The Pietenpol Family Air Camper / Sky Scout Page
Buckeye Pietenpol Association
Brodhead Pietenpol Association
Peter's Pietenpol Page
A GN-1 Builders Log

Tinman Tech (Serious Metal Forming Tools)

The Aviators Section

The FAR Online
Flight Standards AC Page
Aviation Weather Center - Standard Weather Briefing Page
Orlando Florida (MCO) Weather Radar
The AIM (e-book)
See How it Flies (e-book) Highly Recommended
Air Safety Investigation Resource
Fly with Your Wifes Blessing (advice from 1959)

Florida Pilot
$100 hamburger.com
Citrus Grove Aviation - Learn to fly in Vero Beach, FL

EAA homepage
AOPA homepage
NBAA homepage

Aviation History: General Interest

Chandelle Av History Ezine
Historic wings Ezine
Av history online

The J Miller Photo Collection
The Aircraft Resource Center - Model Site with detailed airplane pictures
The Aircraft Walk Around Center
USAAS-USAAC-USAAF-USAF Aircraft Serial No. 1908 to Present
USN and USMC Aircraft Seral No. 1917 to Present
American Military Aircraft Page
Eduardos 3-View Page
Antique Color Charts
Make and Model TC Library
Helicopter History Site
NASA Dryden (NACA Content) Image Gallery
NASA (NACA Content) Langley Image Gallery
Lockheed-Martin Digital Photo Collection
WWII Fighter Armament(Aircraft Armament History)
The Library of Congress Digital Photo Gallery
Foto Images (Photo gallery)
1000 aircraft photos
The Florida Photograpic Collection - Lots of vintage photos, difficult to comb
Regia Aeronautica Itailiana (Italian Military Aviation History)
Biplanes.de (Biplane aviation pictures and community)
Seawings - The Flying Boat Web page
E-Flight Manuals

American Aviation Historical Society (AAHS) Homepage
Antique Airplane Association (AAA) Homepage
Aircraft Engine Historical Society
LAAHS Homepage
TIGHAR Homepage

Aviation History: Museums

Air/Space Museum Index by state
Official Rhinebeck Page
Vintage Aircraft Images (Old Rhinebeck)
Unofficial Rhinebeck Page
Rhinebeck Pictures
Golden Age Air Museum
National Air and Space Museum (Smithsonian)
Garber Virtual Tour (Unofficial)
USAF Museum
National Museum of Naval Aviation
US Army Aviation Museum
The Museum of Flight (Seattle)
Planes of Fame (Chino)
Kansas Aviation Museum
Arkansas Air Museum
Henry Ford Museum
New England Air Museum
Glen Curtiss Museum
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Owl's Head Transportation Museum
The Henry Ford
Virginia Aviation Museum
Pima Air and Space Museum
Goleta Air and Space Museum
Western Museum of Flight (mostly Northrop)
Airline History Museum at Kansas City
Vintage Aviation Historical Foundation
The Staggerwing Museum Page
The WACO Aircraft Museum
Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum (St. Louis)
The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

French Air and Space Museum (Le Bourget)
Shuttleworth Collection (official page)
Unofficial Shuttleworth Site
National Aviation Museum (Canada)
Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre
Polish Aviation Museum

Aviation History: Pioneer Aircraft

To Fly is Everything (Virtual Museum of Early Flight)
Flying Machines 1909
The Flying Machines Web Site
Aviation Pioneer Links Page
First Flight - History of Flight
Flying Machine: Construction/Opearation (Online Book)
WWW School Library - Vintage Aviation Texts (Online Books)
Memoire de l'air
Histoire de l'Aviation
PAST3D Photos anciennes en 3D stereo: avions
Early Seaplanes Page
Wooden Propeller (.com)

The 1910 Los Angeles International Air Meet

'How We Made the First Flight' by Orville Wright (Online Book)
Wright Brothers Collection (Digital Photo Gallery - Library of Congress)
Wright 1903 Reproduction
Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company
The Wright Stuff
First Flight Centennial
Wright Model B (Franklin Institute)
Lincoln Beachey's Wright Model B
The Wright Experience

Bleriot XI Replica Page
Bleriot XI-2 de Pégoud
Dave's Demoiselle (Santos Dumont) Page
Demoiselle Santos-Dumont aeroplane
Deperdussin Monocoque aeroplane
Hydravion Fabre aeroplane
Morane H 15 aeroplane
Nieuport II N aeroplane
Paumier Biplan 21 aeroplane

Martin T.T. Page

Pioneer Aviatiors
The Early Birds of Aviation Inc
Pioneer Aviators of the World
Otto Lilienthal Museum
The Octave Chanute Pages
Glenn Curtiss Page
Lincoln Beachey Page
Pioneer Pilot Walter E. Lees
Mario Calderara Webpage
John Robertson Duigan, Australian aviation pioneer
Henri Coanda
Harriet Quimby Page

Aviation History: Aircraft of the Great War

The Aerodrome (home to a very active and useful forum)
Rosbud's Gallery
The Nieuport Page (also features engines and other aircraft)
WW1 Photo Gallery (excellent av section)
Australian War Memorial (Extensive Online Photo Collection)
WW1 RAF pictures (Egypt)
Wooden Propeller (.com)
Australian Flying Corps 1914-1919
Aircraft of the AEF (USAS page at the Doughboy Center)
WW1 Photo Album (german site)
Hungarian Aircraft Pictures
Ted Wolf Collection
1914 - 1918 Airplanes
Uncle Sam at Porto Corsini (USN Detachment in Italy 1918)

Tonder Zeppelin Base
Airships: The Zeppelin History and Photo Website
The Zeppelin Library
Zepplin's: High Altitude Warships

Curtiss Jenny Page
Albree Pigeon-Fraser Page
The Nieuport Page (also features engines and other aircraft)
Nieuport 11 Page
Nieuport 28 Page
Salmson 2A2 Page
Caudron G.3 Page
Breguet 14 (Thailand)
Sopwith Camel Page
The Avro 504 Pages
Ansalado A-1 Page

The Fokker D7 File
Fokker Team Schorndorf (fokker research)
Fokker Dr.I (fokkerdr1.com)
Fokker E.V/D.VIII Page
Gotha G4 Photos
WW1 Photo Album
Albatros D.V Page

Gnome Engine Page (Animated)

Inspecting an Airplane Before Flight (1918)
Av History Site, has notes on piloting WW1 aircraft

Official Rhinebeck Page
Rhinebeck Pictures
Vintage Aircraft Images (Old Rhinebeck)
Memorial Flight (WW1 Replica's)
Dawn Patrol (Ultralight/Experimental Nieuport Replicas)
Aerodrome Aeroplanes (Ultralight/Experimental Fokker Replicas)

27th Pursuit Squadron Research Project
High Adventure (Online Book by James Norman Hall)
Fighting the Flying Circus (Online Book by Eddie V Rickenbacker)
The Red Figher Pilot (Online Book by Manfred Von Richtofen)
Dark Autumn: The 1916 Zepplin Offensive
James Rogers McConnell Collections
Naval Aviation in WW1 (Online Book)
The Annals of 100 Squadron (Online Book)
Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War (Online Book)
Silhouettes of Aeroplanes (1917 Recognition Booklet)
Aerial Communications (Sept 1917 US Army Booklet)

Billy Bishop Site
Anzacs.net: The Red Baron's Final Flight
Canadian Aces Site (nice aircraft section)
Frontflieger 1914-1918
WW1 Aces (ace pilots)

An Online WW1 Aviation Artifact Collection
WW1 modeling (plastic) page
Replicraft (WW1 Airplane Drawings)
Mark Miller's WW1 Illustrations
Bob Pearsons WW1 art

Over the Front (organization)
Cross and Cockade (organization)
Vintage Aviation Inc
WW1 Aeroplanes Inc
Vickers Machine Gun (.org)

Trenches on the Web
Great War Online Document Archive
The Doughboy Center HQ
The War With Germany: A Statistical Summary
Verdun Page
The Archaeology of the Western Front
Lost Poets of the Great War

L'Escadrille (great links page)
Wally's WW1 Page
WW1 Aviation Links Page

Will Turner's Flight Logs (novel)

Aviation History: The Golden Age

Paul Davis Photo Gallery (Vintage photos from Kansas Airshows)
Pictures of Stinson Factory (1935) and the 1937 Chicago Airshow
Flying Pioneers: Early Aviation Photographs
Golden Age of Aviation Web Page
Golden Age of Aviation Ezine (Aviation Heritage)
The National Air Tour
The Airshow
The Old Hanger (Golden Age Aviation for Microsoft Flight Sim)
Radio Aviators Page
Aeronaves de la Fuerza Aerea Peruana
Latvian Aviation 1918-1940
Dawn Patrol Aviation
OX-5 Engine Story

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Airports, Air Fields and Air Services

Cram Field 1927-1949, Davenport Municiple (Iowa)
Mather Field, the Early Years)
Historic Floyd Bennett Field
Guide to 1930's Aerodromes and Seaplane ports (French)
Robertson Aircraft Corporation and CAM-2 Air Mail
Pearson Field - Pearson Air Museum

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Engineering Data

NACA TN 92: Lift and Drag Evaluation of Brandenburg Seaplane
NACA Report 306: Prop tests on VE-7 (Full Scale Tunnel Test)
NACA Report 225: Forces on Sperry Messenger (Model Test)
NACA Report 271: Drag Study of Sperry Messenger Parts (Full Scale Test)
NACA TR 296: Pressure Distribution on PW-9 Wing
NACA TR 324: Flight Tests of USS Los Angeles
NACA TR 369: Maneuverability investigation of the F6C-3 airplane
NACA TR 386: Maneuverability investigation of an F6C-4 fighting airplane
NACA TR 380: Pressure distribution over the fuselage of a PW-9 pursuit airplane in flight
NACA TN 517: Spin Evaluation of F4B-2 (Model Test)
NACA TN 529: Spin Evaluation of F4B-2 (Flight Test)
NACA TN 340: Drag Test of FC-2W2 Parts
NACA TN 578: Fairchild 22 with Fowler Flaps
NACA TN 596: Fairchild 22 with Zap Flaps and Ailerons
NACA TN 604: Fairchild 22 with external airfoil flaps
NACA War Report 489: Drag Analysis of Single Engine Airplanes in Full Scale Tunnel (F3F data)
NACA TN 480: Drag of Streamline Wires
NACA TN 720: Flight tests of N.A.C.A. nose-slot cowlings on the BFC-1 airplane
NACA TN 780: Measured moments of inertia of 32 airplanes
NACA TN 863: Results of landing tests of various airplanes

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Photo Archives

USAF Museum Photo Archive
Williams Vintage Aircraft Site
A Gallery of Golden Age Aircraft
Antique Aircraft Restoration Page
Edwardian Delights (Vintage Airplane Post Cards)
Aviation Cig Cards
Jessie Davidson Aviation Archives

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Pilots

Charles Lindbergh.com
Air Mail Pioneers Page
Charles A. LaJotte - Aviator page
The Air Mail Research Project
De Latecoere a L'Aeropostale
Barnstorming and Pilots in the Mid-Columbia area in Washington State
Roscoe Turner 1929 Parachute Demonstration
Pioneer Pilot Walter E. Lees
Hubbard - The Forgotten Boeing Aviator
Nick Mamer Tribute Page
B.F. Mahoney Page
Claude Ryan Page
Frank Hawks biography (ace pilots)
Fred Noonan Page
Bobbi Trout - Aviatrix
Amelia Earhart's 1928 Flight Across America
The Great Adventure (Emil Silvan Scott)
Joăo Ribeiro de Barros
The Nevil Shute Norway Foundation
Roland Payne and his Aircraft
Francisco Sarabia
Pioneer Aviators (ace pilots)

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Military Aviation

1922-1929 USAAS Serial Numbers Page
USAF Museum Post-WW1 History Page
USAF Museum Pre-WWII History Page
Billy Mitchell's "Airpower" (Online book)
Mather Field, the Early Years)
The First Across the Atlantic (Online Book)
The World Flight Chronicle (DWC Story)
The Gran Chaco War
Before the Tigers: China's Air Forces in the Struggle Against Japan
The Spanish Civil War Airplanes
Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War
Aviones Guerra Civil Espavola

Fokker T-2 Page
Boeing F4b/P-12 Page
Boeing F4b-3 Page (Aircraft Resource Center)
USN Grumman F3F Photo Page
Curtiss BFC-2 Page
Martin B-10B Page (Aircraft Resource Center)
Golden Age Aeroplane Works (P-26 Replica)
Seversky P-35 in Detail
Seversky P-35 Page
Seversky P-35 Page (Aircraft Resource Center)
Curtiss P-36 Page (Aircraft Resource Center)
Curtiss Hawk II's in Bolivia
Bristol Bulldog Page (Aircraft Resource Center)
Polikarpov PO-2 Page (Aircraft Resource Center)
The Vimy Aircraft Project (Replica)
Polikarpov I-15
Polikarpov I-16

Evolution of Aircraft Carriers (Online Book)
USN CV1 Gallery (Langley)
USN CV2 Gallery (Lexington)
USN CV3 Gallery (Saratoga)
USN CV4 Gallery (Ranger)
USN CV5 Gallery (Yorktown)
USN CV6 Gallery (Enterprise)
The Golden Age of Aviation and the Aircraft Carrier

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Air Races and Raceplanes

The Cleveland Air Races
The Schneider Trophy and Vintage Seaplanes
The Society of Air Racing Historians
IPMS(UK) Racing & Record Aircraft Special Interest Group
Air Racing History (ESPA)

Curtiss R3C Page
A Gee Bee Page
Golden Aviation (Gee Bee Model Y Replica)
The Gee Bee Z Replica
The Gee Bee R2 Replica
Laird Super Solution Replica
Laird Super Solution Page
Travel Air Mystery Ship Page
Travel Air Mystery Ship (Fiddlers Green) Page
Howard DGA-6 Page
Hughes H1 Racer Page
Hughes Racer Replica Page
The DH88 Comet Page
The Red Blast (mc72)
Chilton Aircraft

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Aircraft Manufacturers

Wedell-Williams Air Service
The Curtiss-Wright History Page
The Lockheed File
Howard Aircraft Foundation
The Sikorsky Archives
Koolhoven Aeroplanes Foundation

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Civil Aircraft

Curtiss Jenny Page
Travel Air 4000 Page
1928 Curtiss Robin Page
Curtiss Robin Page
Ryan NYP Page

Great Lakes Biplane Site
Great Lakes Aircraft
Tex Rankin's Great Lakes

WACO Classic
WACO Historical Society
American WACO club
Rare Aircraft (WACO restorations)

The Beech Staggerwing Page
The Staggerwing Museum Page
Stinson Reliant Page
Stinson Reliant SR-9E Page
Ryan ST Page
Spirit of Wenatchee (Bellanca Skyrocket Replica)
The Fairchild 22 - Williams Aircraft Collection
Lockheed Altair Reproduction
Stearman Model 4D Page
Northrop Alpha Page
Northrop Gamma Page
Orin Welch Aircraft Company

Aeronca L Page
Aeronca Web Page
Aeronca K and Aeronca Engines Page
Tommy Smith's Transatlantic Attempt (in an Aeronca 65)
Taylorcraft Page
Taylor E2 Cub Page
Rearwin Aircraft

Spirit of Igor (A Restored S-39)
Spirit of Adventure (S-38 Replica Page)
S-38 Replica Page

DeHavilland Moth Club
Avro Avian Page
Poetz 36 Page
The Bucker Pages
La Cierva C8-11 aeroplane
Caudron Luciole C277 aeroplane

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Airlines and Airliners

Trimotor.org (Ford Tri-Motor Page)
Ford 'Tin Goose' Trimotor Page
New England & Western Air Transportation Co. (Ford Trimotor Content)
The Stinson Trimotor

Douglas DC-2 'Uiver' (netherlands page)
Douglas DC-3 Page
The DC-3 Hangar
DC-3 Technical Data at the DC-3 Aviation Museum
The DC-3 Aviation Museum (Virtual Museum)

Boeing 247 Page
1938 Electra Crash (Mint Canyon)

Pan Am World Airways History Page
The Early Pan Am Aircraft Page

The China Clipper
Flying Clippers
Pan Am Flying Boat
Boeing B314 - The Clipper

The Imperial Airways Page
Italian Do.X Page

Aviation History: The Golden Age - Airships

Airship (Lighter Than Air Homepage)
Navy Lakehurst Historical Society (Airship Photos)
Moffett Field Museum (Official Page)
Moffett Field Museum (Unofficial Page)
Naval Airship Association
Airships: The Zeppelin History and Photo Website
The Zepplin Library
The Hindenburg Radio Broadcast
Zepplin's: High Altitude Warships

Aviation History: WWII Aircraft

A Noseart Page
US Strategic Bomb Survey Summary Report (European War)
US Strategic Bomb Survey Summary Report (Pacific War)
Gun Camera Footage Web Page
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-in
WWII Fighter Armament
The Great Planes
Warbird Alley
Flying Tigers (AVG) Website
FFVS J-22 Fighter
Planes and Pilots of WW2

Luftwaffe Resource Page
Luftwaffe Secret Weapons
Me262 Austrailian Connection
Stormbirds.com (Me262)
Stalag 13 Luftwaffe Database
German Aviation page (Junkers, Messershmitt, Klemm)
Biplane Fighter Aces of WW2

Aviation History: Classic Airplanes

Westins Stinson 108 Page
Stinson Flyer
International Stinson Club
The Shortwing Piper Club
The Swift homepage

Aviation History: Jet Age Military Aircraft

Golleta B-36 Page
SR-71 Flight Manual
Flight of the Valkyrie
Dryden Photo Gallery
Navy Airships (Blimps) at Lakehurst (50's)

Modern Aircraft

Modern Air Racing
The Official Reno Page
All Aviation Flightline Online: Reno Information Source
Pylon1: Air Racing News
Formula I Air Racing
Formula V Air Racing
The Modern Schneider Contest

A Tristar (L-1011) Page

New Piper
Raytheon Aircraft
Aerospatiale Matra (Socata)
Pilatus PC12
WACO Classic
American Champion Aircraft
Aviat Aircraft
Luscombe Aircraft
Renaissance Aircraft (Luscombe)

Wings Online Aircraft for Sale
Aircraft for sale
Courtesy Aircraft (rare aircraft sales)
Barnstormers Aviation Business Center


NASA Watch
Encyclopedia Astronautica
Clark's Favorite Space Links (The Links page for Space)
NASA Online Books
Space Daily