The Gee Bee Model Z


Gee Bee Model Z
National Air Races - 1931

Gee Bee Model Z
Cowl Detail

Gee Bee Z and Lowell Bayles
Winning Team - 1931 Thompson Trophy

Gee Bee Model Z
With 750hp P&W Wasp Sr
Note larger diameter cowl
November or December 1931

Gee Bee Model Z Specifications

Gross Weight 2280 lb Empty Weight 1400 lb Useful Load 880 lb Seats 1

Length (overall) 15 ft 1 in Cowl Diameter 46 in Span 23 ft 6 in Root Chord 50.4 in Rib Spacing 5.5 in Spar Spacing 25.5 in Airfoil M-6 Incidence Angle 3 deg Dihedral Angle 4.5 deg

Wing Area 75 sq ft Aileron Area 9.5 sq ft Stabilizer Area 8.4 sq ft Elevator Area 6.9 sq ft Fin Area 2.2 sq ft Rudder Area 4.9 sq ft

Landing Gear Travel 6 in Tires 23 inch Goodrich 6.5 x 10 Wheel Tread 71.75 in Wheel Fairing Width 10.5 in

High Speed 270 mph Cruise Speed 230 mph Landing Speed 80 mph

Runway Requirement 5000 ft @ SL

Range 900 sm

Powerplant P & W Wasp Jr (Supercharged) 535 hp @ 2400 rpm Fuel 103 gal Oil 11 gal

Production 1 First Flight 8-22-1931


- Chrome Moly steel tube fuselage. - Covered with fabric

Flight Controls Rudder - Cable Actuated Ailerons - Torque tube actuated Elevator - Push pull tube and double cables

Notes: - Winner of 1931 Thompson Trophy at 236.24 mph - Qualification speed for 1931 Thompson (level flight, 1 pass each way, averaged) 267.342 mph - Larger 750 hp Wasp Sr, new prop and cowl were installed after the Thompson. - Destroyed on a speed course, December 1931, Detroit, MI Zantford Granville attributed the accident to a fuel cap coming loose, passing through the windscreen and striking the pilot.

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