The Boeing P-12/F4b


Boeing XF4b-1
Photo: NASA

Boeing F4b-2
Photo: NASA

Boeing F4b-4
Photo: NASA

Boeing F4b-4
Photo: NMNA

Photo: Unknown

P-12 Under Construction

95th Pursuit P-12
Nearest ship assigned to Maj Carl Spaatz

Capt. Ira Eaker and a Boeing P12
Photo: USAF

Boeing P12

Boeing P-12e
Photo: Boeing

Company Demonstrator

P-12/F4B-1 Cockpit

P-12/F4B-1 Cockpit

P-12E Formation
Photo: ThomasS

P-12's of the 11th Pursuit Group
Photo: ThomasS

F4b-2 3-View
From NACA Report 529

F4b-4 3-View
Courtesy of Eduardo Escalona

F4B-4 - National Air and Space Museum

F4B-4 - National Museum of Naval Aviation

P-12E - USAF Museum

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